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Florida is the place to be for fun-filled days and endless adventure, especially when you are at Clearwater Beach. Situated just a short distance from Tampa, Clearwater Beach is the ultimate destination for lip-smacking food, incredible drinks, and relaxation.

Where is Clearwater Beach, Florida?

Clearwater Beach is about 25 miles west of Tampa on the Gulf Coast. You may choose to fly into Clearwater. Two of the closest airports available are the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport and Tampa International Airport. Depending on the traffic, Clearwater is about 35 to 45 minutes away from Tampa by road.

Beachside Activities in Clearwater Beach, Florida 

As the name suggests, Clearwater Beach allows you to experience the beauty of nature in its truest form. This beach, with its soft, white sand, attracts visitors from all over the world. People engage themselves in tons of activities to suit their taste, whether that is sunbathing or water sports at the beachfront promenade. Some of our visitors’ favorite activities are,

  • Parasailing

  • Jet-skiing

  • Stand-up paddleboarding

  • Rollerblading

  • Cycling

  • Surfing

  • Wave running

  • Scuba diving

  • Snorkeling

  • Swimming

  • Sailing

Once you are done, you can beat the heat and have a bite at Clearwater Beach restaurants and cafes that are designed to impress.

As the sun sets in the evening, you may see night-time festivals with craft vendors and street performers adding excitement to your day. With great food, drinks, and activities, you can make this vacation an experience of a lifetime at this beautiful holiday destination.

If you’re looking for the best Clearwater Beach restaurant, Badfins Food + Brew provides some fantastic dining experiences to make your taste buds tingle. Alternatively, you may just choose to organize your party near the sea by booking our banquet hall. With Badfins, you’re guaranteed to experience endless excitement!

What to Expect in Clearwater Beach

Like its namesake, the water at Clearwater Beach is extremely clear, and the white sand is so soft that it feels like a luxurious carpet when you walk on it. You will find plenty of space at the beach to enjoy and relax under the sun. You can start your day at any of the Clearwater Beach breakfast restaurants and end your evening with a walk down the beach. Aside from adventure, there are plenty of romantic things to do in Clearwater Beach, and you may bring your partner for a cozy weekend here.

Where to Stay in Clearwater Beach 

There are plenty of hotels, resorts, and lodges available near the beach. Most of these hotels and resorts are situated right on the beach, so you do not have to worry about traveling.

The restaurants vary in their prices to suit your budget, but they all offer basic amenities, guarantee hygiene, and are conveniently located.

Where to Eat in Clearwater Beach 

Food is an area in which you can’t compromise. A good vacation is nothing without delicious food and drinks. You can always check out Badfins Food + Brew. Our comprehensive menu guarantees to blow your mind and treat your taste buds.

Besides, Clearwater Beach restaurants offer the freshest seafood and craft beer. Most of them line the beach, so you are not forced to spend time away from the sea. Clearwater Beach breakfast restaurants allow you to start your day with your favorite seafood overlooking the gorgeous sea and sparkling white sand.

Adventure and Romance in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Adventure and romance are in the air at Clearwater! Here’s a list of romantic things to do in Clearwater Beach.

  • Visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium with your partner and explore marine life.

  • Go for a 90-minute sea safari, getting a first-hand look at the aquatic life and experiencing the famous dolphins from close quarters.

  • There are more than a hundred dolphin sculptures around Clearwater Beach. You can see the creativity of the artists on these dolphin sculptures as you stroll through the area with your partner.

  • Pier 60, which ends at Clearwater Beach, is a tourist hub. You can find eateries, playgrounds, souvenir shops, and much more on Pier 60. A daily event called “Sunsets at Pier 60” includes street performers and musical acts. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach with your partner.

Transportation in Clearwater Beach

Transportation in Clearwater Beach is hassle-free and convenient. It is advisable not to bring your vehicle as you will have to worry about parking spaces every time you make a move. Instead, choose local transport options. One of the most affordable options is the Jolly Trolley that makes multiple stops along Clearwater Beach. Florida Free Rides runs every day from 9 am to 3 pm, operating only on sponsors and tips.


There are only a few places in the world where you can experience true natural beauty combined with modern amenities and incredible food and activities. Clearwater Beach is certainly one of them. It has amazing places to dine, drink, and dance while overlooking one of the best beaches in the US.

Clearwater Beach is a paradise for people looking to take a break at one of the best marine destinations in the country. What adds to the experience is the lip-smacking food. Whenever your taste buds need an adventure of their own, you can always visit Badfins to order from our amazing menu and dine and drink in a great ambiance. We can’t wait for you to visit us!


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