The Local Favorite Seafood Restaurant at Clearwater Beach


Whether you’re a long-time resident, someone who’s just moved, or a vacationer, it’s always nice to find where the locals like to hang out. And since you’re at the beach, one of the first places you’ll want to find is the local favorite seafood restaurant at Clearwater Beach.

Fresh seafood, great nightly deals, and a crowd of locals both in front of and behind the bar. Not to mention the incredible views at essentially any time of day. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place than Clearwater Beach, and Badfins seafood restaurant gives you a front row seat to it all.

Why We’re One of the Top Seafood Restaurants in Clearwater Beach

Not to brag, but we do carry some pretty hefty accolades about being one of the top seafood restaurants in Clearwater Beach. We’ve been voted #1 in seafood and Mexican, nominated for the 2020 Best of the Bay award, and one of Yelp’s Buzzie Award winners.

But enough about that. Let’s get into why we’ve earned those awards and why you should have the Badfins experience at least once while exploring seafood restaurants in Clearwater Beach.

The Food


Of course, your number one concern is most likely related to the food. Have you looked at our menu page? It’s full of pictures that’ll make your mouth water. From traditional tacos to homegrown recipes that make up our Classics, we’ve absolutely got something that’ll whet your appetite.

Chow down on locally caught fish at a locally owned restaurant operated by a local family. Because we’re locals.

We also understand that not everyone is into fish. If you’re the non-fish lover out of your group or you want the seafood seasoning without the actual seafood, we’ve still got you covered. Badfins is a Clearwater Beach seafood restaurant with Mexican and vegetarian inspired dishes, yep something for everyone!

The Drinks

Or you can always spend the evening sipping on some quality hand-crafted cocktails or tasting from our 34 beer taps. How can you possibly go wrong when there are 34 taps to choose from?

We understand that 34 beers may be overwhelming, but fear not. Our staff is fully versed in each type so we can match it to your taste. What can we say, we LOVE our beer! There’s nothing like a good brew to go with the menu from one of the top seafood restaurants in Clearwater Beach.

Interior 15.jpg

Let’s take a pause for a minute because we’re not just seafood and beer. We excel in Mexican cuisine, too. And while those usually go hand-in-hand, there’s definitely a difference between a lager and margarita or sangria. Why not get a little taste of Mexico while you’re across the bay?

Local Talent

Cutty Jones Badfins.jpg

Music is always a great accompaniment to an incredible meal and can make-or-break the experience. We leave it up to the locals (sometimes) to set the stage with Tampa Bay’s top talent. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet the next big star before they hit the worldwide spotlight right here on Badfins’ stage. Or maybe you’ll see a few mediocre karaoke singers, only time will tell.

Incredible Views from the Best Seafood Restaurant at Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is rated as one of the absolute best beaches in the entire world. It’s stunning, sandy, and the water is clear (as the name implies). All of this combines for incredible views any time of day, and our seafood restaurant on Clearwater Beach provides the perfect venue for its enjoyment.

There’s really nothing quite like having a drink, sitting with friends—or even alone! and watching the waves crash down onto white sandy beaches. It’s an atmosphere that’s often difficult to describe because of just how beautiful it is. Serene yet joyful, calm yet full of excitement. We think you’ll have to experience it for yourself to fully understand what we mean.


Sunsets are definitely the time of day we really pick up the pace. Locals and travellers alike love to pop in, grab a seat with a waterfront view, and grub on quality seafood/Mexican food while they watch the sunset on the watery horizon.

Food and Drink Specials to Top Off the Clearwater Beach Experience

We believe there are two reasons seafood restaurants in Clearwater Beach offer food and drink specials. The first is that they want to convince you that their place is worth it. The second is that they are proud of their menu and want to show appreciation to their customers.

Badfins is 100% the latter. We absolutely love everything we offer on the menu and want to show our appreciation for it and for you. Delicious, quality, handcrafted food at a discount? Who wouldn’t take us up on that offer?

Especially when it comes to happy hour deals because if we’re being honest, some people are just in it for the views and booze. With 34 beers on tap plus our other wine and cocktail offerings, there’s no better seafood restaurant at Clearwater Beach to knock one back and watch the sunset. Or the musicians on stage. Or people watch.

Basically, you need to come down to Badfins to: 1) try incredible, handcrafted seafood and Mexican food; 2) try one of the 34 beers we have on tap; and 3) enjoy one of world’s best beaches.

We look forward to seeing you soon! #bebadeatgood


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