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Clearwater Beach is famous for its soft, white sand stretch that draws tourists to its clear waters for jet skiing, parasail, and paddle boarding throughout the year. Raiders and scooters go round a winding promenade, bordered by casual seafood restaurants, cafes, and bars in Clearwater Beach.

Pier 60 is the venue at sunset for an evening festival with artists and street performers. The white sand and the turquoise water with their proximity to the city’s hotels, restaurants, and attractions welcome every visitor with wide-open arms.

But, Clearwater Beach has more reasons for the footfall it receives every year, along with the ‘Best Beach’ award. The wide range of restaurants and bars in Clearwater Beach has brought this sandy paradise into the limelight.

There’s something for everyone, regardless of what you want. Whether it is to enjoy live music or wild and energetic dance clubs; an intimate place with a gorgeous view of the sunset, or a bar and grill with beer and delicious food – you can make the best out of your evening at Clearwater Beach.

Why is Badfins among the top restaurants in Clearwater Beach?

If you are out for an evening dedicated to mouth-watering food and chilled beer, there’s nothing like the variety at Badfins Food + Brew, one of the best restaurants in Clearwater Beach. We have a wide range of seafood and Mexican delicacies, along with beer, wine, and handmade cocktails.

If you are someone looking beyond the nachos and delicious shrimp, take a look at what we serve. Sit back and check out our menu at Badfins.

About Badfins Food + Brew

Badfins Food + Brew is at Wyndham Grand Resort on Clearwater Beach, which was recently voted the Best Beach in America. We are a food, service, ambiance, and entertainment brand focusing on a life where you can BE BAD and EAT GOOD!

Yes, people call our place ‘ideal’ as they can enjoy top-notch BBQ and Tex-Mex with a cold beer in hand while dancing in the breeze from Clearwater’s sea near the patio. We like to think it is the comfort of seafood and beer next to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches that creates Badfins’ mesmerizing ambiance.

While there are other family-friendly restaurants on the beach, Badfins Food + Brew was influenced by the fashionable artistic and cultural scene of St Petersburg. This made people take note and recognize us as one of the finest new restaurants in the local scene.

What makes Badfins Food + Brew a leading food destination?

Our customers count us among the best restaurants in Clearwater Beach because of the finger-licking menu we offer. We are known for our range of excellent seafood and Mexican cuisine with tacos, sandwiches, bowls, and salads. Sitting next to them is our range of local craft beer, wine, and handmade cocktails. To top it all, our colleagues love what they do. So at Badfins, besides the live music, you will also adore the welcoming ambiance and excellent customer service.

If you are a vegan or not a fan of seafood, don’t wait at the patio. Come on in and tell us how you like your food. At Badfins Food + Brew, our expert chefs will make your vegan and vegetarian customizations our priority.

Beer and beach vibes at Badfins

Badfins has relaxing outdoor seating. We have 34 taps and a luxurious drinking area. Badfins also has a charming beer garden and an accompanying social media wall. So if you want to have some lively fun and make sure everyone knows it, look no further! This place will give you all the beach vibes and is a favorite among the locals too. The vibrant atmosphere and artistic layout will put you at ease after a day of beach fun. Our private, comfy patio and beer garden will still offer stunning views of Clearwater Beach.

Want to host a beachside event?

Then, Badfins Food + Brew invites you to make the most of your event here. Decorate our venue with customizable designs. We provide various eating options for events of all sizes, including prix fixe menus, buffets, and cocktail parties with hors d’oeuvres and open bar choices. Please inquire about the party theme, “Taco About A Party” – ideal for any occasion! You can check out more details for hosting an event here.

Our place can handle private events and parties such as business events, rehearsal dinners, weddings, birthday parties, dinner occasions, and more. So, if you have an event to organize, just give us a call or visit us and we’ll help you make it happen.

Where is the party at Clearwater Beach?

Clearwater Beach has great nightlife. Being among the best bars in Clearwater Beach, we have artists playing your favorite music with a wide range of beers at great discounts.

On Wednesdays, we serve our handcrafted gourmet street tacos from 5 p.m. until closing.

If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, we have more! You can have a good time at Badfins’ weekly Pint Night. Guests can enjoy live music by musicians such as Cutty Jones, as well as a flat half off on 30 specialty beers during Pint Night! Try the hidden rotating menu, which steals the show at Pint Night.

Live music on Clearwater Beach

If you are looking forward to some live music while visiting America’s best beach, your search ends here. Enter one of the best restaurants in Clearwater Beach and enjoy some live tunes to make your visit worth the while. Savor some great food and beer, and experience the crazy and wild nightlife of Clearwater.

Do enjoy some great food, beer, and the best nightlife Clearwater has to offer.

Badfins Food + Brew awaits you!


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