Everything About Our Awesome Restaurants Rewards Program


Don’t you love getting free stuff? Especially when its stuff you actually like, like a blackened mahi taco or a berry margarita—or a beer (like one of the 34 we have on tap).

With Badfins Rewards, you can get free food and drinks in all of their delicious glory simply by eating what you already love at a place you frequent. That place is Badfins (you don’t need to eat anywhere else).

We’re tired of seeing all these restaurant rewards programs that basically give you nothing for being so loyal. So we’re changing up the game to give you real deals on the food you already eat and drinks you already drink. You’re welcome.

A Restaurant Rewards Program That Actually Pays

When we say “pay”, we mean it. Most restaurant rewards programs give you stamps that you can redeem for something you would have never bought in the first place. Before we get into our own points system, we feel the need to tell you that on top of free food, we literally give you money back. 3% cashback, to be exact.

Just like you get with credit cards, we give you cashback on your purchases. With Badfins Rewards, you actually save money when you eat here, even without the points. At this point already, you should just go ahead and sign up because we know you want to. Cash is life.

Restaurant Rewards Points for Every Dollar

“You get a point, and you get a point, and you get a point. Everybody gets a point!” We’re pretty sure that’s a direct quote from Oprah talking about the Badfins Rewards program (but don’t quote us on that).

1 point for every dollar you spend adds up quick. With that sort of score-age, you’ll be raking in the free food and drinks in no time.

Did we mention there are double and triple points events? Not yet? Okay, well there are. On certain days, come and in feel those points flowing in like those old wind tunnel cash games. All you have to do is be there and the points will start flying around you. Spend a dollar and catch some points. It’s that easy.

What to Redeem Your Badfins Rewards Points On

Literally anything on the menu is the answer. Instead of the typical restaurant rewards program redemption options consisting of things you’ll never in your life want to eat, we’re giving you total control of how you spend your points.

This is a good opportunity to try out new things. Maybe you’ve been eyeing one of the beers we have on tap but don’t want to commit to having it on your tab. Redeem some points for it, instead! Badfins Rewards lets you use your points however you want.

Or you can redeem them for the items you know you love. We will admit, everything on our menu is delicious. You do you with a restaurant rewards program that really pays off.

Click here to sign up today and start earning.


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